KN4BDC: "1500W, 24-foot Greyline DX Flagpole making good contacts 160-10M"

Jeff KN4BDC writes in about his 24-foot Greyline DX Flagpole Antenna:

"Powered it up to 1500 Watts!" "Can tune 160-10M making good contacts."

"Hello, it’s Jeff, KN4BDC, and I love the flagpole antenna." He adds, "By the way, I’m an RF engineer... Your design is very impressive, thank you!"

"I can tune between 80-10 meters making good contacts on 40 through 10 meters (owing to current band conditions) I added an MFJ balun and MFJ 998 RT Remote Tuner. The balun is using 300-ohm twin-lead for balanced operation between the top and bottom elements. I have powered it up to 1500 watts with my home brewed LDMOS Power amp.  I have attached pictures of the temp set up waiting on more flower arrangements to hide things better.  Here are some pictures."