Tips for Tilt-Mounts, Ground Mount, etc.?

Q. What recommendation do you have for Tilt-Mounts, Ground Mount, etc.?

On the topic of Ground Mounts, consider what's available on the market today in conjunction with the wisdom of an Engineer to help educate your decision.

GAP has an interesting offering with an obvious function for many adventurous uses we all might think are cool but the L-angle is really weak in torsion. That said, it is still 'probably' fine. Note: L-angles need to be poured into the concrete and won't work if the patio is already there.

DXEngineering offers a series of mounts and even still you have the lower stub to mount into the concrete. The jury is out yet on how aluminum does in direct-burials with concrete. Same as above, if the patio is poured, you need to look somewhere else.

Penninger Radio seems to be the way to go! They have a variety of mounting options: tripods, wall mounts, truck hitch mounts for RV or Military, and bolt to concrete mounts. See their quality offerings, here.

Sonatube - Sakrete is common for home and HOA installs:

See their quality offerings, here.

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