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How much to ship to Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, or VK/ZL?

Summer 2020: In June of 2020 we began offering a 50% discount for all DX shipments. This means we pay 1/2 the shipping to you.

UPS International offers a 4-7 day transit to many DX countries. (4X-Israel saw a shipping transit time of 4 days!)

DX Shipping Estimates.
Outside the USA and want to check shipping rates? You can check shipping rates to your QTH by adding the item to your shopping cart and looking at your basket. An automatic calculator will guess your QTH by your IP address. You can customize the shipping Country and Zip code for an estimated shipping rate.

We strive to offer competitive shipping rates. If you feel we could do better for you, please let us know. We want you on the air. Let's make the buying and shipping experience easy...

One of our customers wrote, "installed the antenna system, turned not the radio at 30 Watts, and worked the world on the first day!"

What DX will you work this year?

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