Q. Why Greyline Performance?

Q. Why Greyline Performance? (www.flagpoleantenna.com)

A. You probably aren't putting up a tower nor desire to lay down 130+ radials on the ground. In comes Greyline Performance with a premium line of OCF vertical antennas including the same antennas as Stealth Flagpole Antennas for Ham Radio in the HOA communities, again 160-6M is again easily within reach.

Designed and engineered to be installed in 1-2 hours by one person, this antenna drops into a small post hole and doesn't require concrete. Work DX, keep the neighbors and your family happy and have comfort as it's engineered for performance and rated to 90-100 MPH. See the performance specs below. (Stealth DX Flagpole and non-flag OCF versions available)

We are Ham Radio enthusiasts, just like you! We have decades of experience in the amateur and professional antenna design sectors and a real interest to bring a higher-value menu of options to the hobby.

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