What is the power rating of Greyline Performance Antennas?

Q. What is the power rating of the Flagpole Antenna and Vertical Antennas?

A. The power limitation will be limited only by your choice of Antenna Tuner and Feedline from the shack and each units power rating. Some tuners are rated for low power at around 200W, others are 600W. We see a few options on the market in the 1500W+ range as well.

Keep in mind when using your antenna to observe all regulations and best practices regarding exposure to radio frequency emissions from any antenna. More information available at http://www.arrl.org/rf-exposure

To mitigate your worry of RF exposure to curious hands, first, this type of vertical antenna offers that the lower area of the antenna is fairly low voltage depending on your power choice and is easy enough to guard against. As for extra comfort here, you can do what many have done and use a very thin layer of plastic insulation up to kid-reach height. Customers report using a simple sleeve for the vertical down low with a thin layer of insulation. Even the thinnest layer will be enough.

We've heard it said, "If it was my antenna and I was worried about it, I'd go buy some very thin wall 4" drain pipe and just sleeve the antenna, or even just tape it with a single layer of good electrical tape." Others install a reasonable fence, flower bed or other garden feature around the base making it more difficult for little hands to touch the antenna. Of course, those of you in an HOA may have aesthetic concerns that customize your approach. Take comfort that you have many options.

Dec 16, 2020

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