What is the max power limit or power rating of Greyline Performance Antennas?

Q. What is the max power rating of the Greyline Flagpole Antenna and Vertical Antennas?

A. There is no max power limit or power rating for Greyline Performance Flagpole Antenna and HF Vertical Dipole Antenna line. In fact, it is limited only by the power limitation of your choice of (ATU) Antenna Tuner and the Feedline power ratings in the antenna system from the shack, and the power rating of each device in your system. Currently, on the market, we see remote tuners rated for low power of 100W to 200W, others are mid-range from 300W to 600W, and there are less than a few options in the 1500W+ range as well.

Pro Tip: Be aware of the power rating for your mode of operation. Many of us use digital modes such as FT8, WSPR, WinLink, RTTY, and so on. These modes operate at full duty cycle which can offer a bigger threat of wear-and-tear on your ATU. A 100W tuner may be rated for SSB whereas the digital power limit might only be 30-50W, especially with the lower-cost tuners. The components are just not meant for that level of use and load. That said, they are great for the price but be certain you know the power limit. Premium brands, of which there are not many, do offer a higher cost remote tuning unit and the real value is in the higher quality components, thus allowing breathing room with higher power and less repair and headaches for you.

As always, keep in mind when using your antenna to observe all regulations and best practices regarding exposure to radio frequency emissions (RF). More information is available at http://www.arrl.org/rf-exposure

To mitigate your worry of RF exposure from curious touching, we've heard RF engineers say, "If it was my antenna and I was worried about it, I'd go buy some very thin wall 4" drain pipe and just sleeve the antenna to just above a child's reach, or just tape it with a single layer of good electrical tape." Others install a reasonable fence, flower bed, or other garden feature around the base making it more difficult for little hands to touch the antenna. Of course, those of you in an HOA may have aesthetic concerns that customize your approach.


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