WJ8B: Beautiful Flagpole Antenna, regularly work DX (Africa, Europe, SA) with 60W on FT8 and CW

[Updated May 17, 2020]

Meet Andy, WJ8B. He acquired a 20' vertical antenna from us and is having a ball working DX on the bands with his friends...

"I installed the 20-foot Flagpole antenna in July. I had difficulty with the connectors which I solved. It worked on all bands, but the MFJ tuner failed 2 days after I had it working. It is still at MFJ getting a warranty repair (6+ weeks so far). Presently it is resonant on 20 meters and will tune 30 meters and 17 meters with only the Radio tuner.

It is a beautiful Flagpole. I Keep it lighted at night. No complaints about appearance from the neighbors.

WJ8B Greyline Performance 20' DX Flagpole

I am regularly working into Europe, South America. Africa and all of the US with 60 watts on FT8 and CW. I have been able to work SSB contacts in Europe and South America on 20 meters as well.

The antenna is an ideal solution for Hams in HOA communities. There are plenty of 20-foot flagpoles in my neighborhood. There is a code for them in the HOA handbook and our city Code as well. It meets all the requirements. It is a sturdy structure and looks like any other flagpole from 30 feet away or more. (Only difference is the bolts and the tuner). I have built a landscape block circle with 4 rows of stone. This effectively hides the tuner and balun at the base.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to do HF and lives in a restricted community."

Andy WJ8B


Greyline writes:

Thanks, Andy! That Flagpole Antenna and brickwork look amazing! Cheers to you and we'll see you on the air sometime soon! Ham Radio is fun again. 73's

Update: May 17, 2020 - WJ8B statistics: 241 reports, 29 countries last week. (www.pskreporter.info)


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