NEW MEXICO: 28' DX Vertical Antenna, "good reports about strong signals"

A happy customer in New Mexico writes:

"The antenna (edit: 28' DXV) seems to work as well as could be expected. It's hard to tell because the propagation is so bad! I have no other antenna up, so there's nothing to compare it with. I'm using an LDG YT-1200 tuner instead of the LDG RT/RC-100 as it gives a better SWR reading. I have had some good reports about strong signals from time to time. Here's hoping the propagation improves soon. 73s, Ron in NM

We know the conditions are spotty in some parts of the world and on fire in others... it comes around and is the excitement of surfing the ham radio bands!

How would you like "good reports" just like Ronabout your strong signals, that's Real DX on 160-6M at your QTH? See our antenna collections, here.

Ham Radio is fun again.

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