W3GF in Florida writes: Impressive performance, 75M-6M, busting pile-ups

Hi everyone!

4-Band DXCC from anywhere in a summer season alone is a great feat as-is, and with a DX Flagpole in an HOA too!? Indeed, Ham Radio is fun again!

We are hearing reports from all over the world, ham radio ops telling us they can work the world again. Well, it is a real antenna after all. It hears amazingly well and most say "I can work what I hear." That's just FB and exactly what most of us need, right?

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Are you ready for the next DX season? Do you know why our verticals are called, "high performance" HF antennas? Hint: It has something to do with Smart, Strong and Elegant.

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Meet Craig, W3GF:

Hi, Jon and Greyline!

After using the Greyline 20’ OCV for several months I wanted to tell you how happy I am with its performance!

With a little tweaking of the installation, I now have matches of no greater than 1.8 to 1, 75M thru 6M.

Even with the poor band conditions, we are currently experiencing, I have worked some nice DX….Albania, Peru, Ecuador Brazil, Italy, Spain and most other European countries with great reports on 100 watts from the TS-890. Nothing too exotic yet but I have not really worked at it either.

In short, if I can hear them, I can work them even through some serious pileups.

I am particularly impressed (and surprised) with 6M performance. I have had good reports as far as OK and ME. Really looking forward to improving conditions as the next sunspot cycle ramps up!

Thanks for the great customer support and info!


Craig, W3GF


Greyline writes:

That antenna looks real nice in the Florida (tropical) setting. I bet you work a ton of DX, sir! Have fun and we'll see you in the log soon. Ham Radio is indeed fun again with a real antenna!  73's

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