KL2A travels with 20' DXV to Ski Resorts & a Beach house

KL2A (Member of Team USA WRTC 2014) took the Greyline 20' DX Vertical Antenna with 50-75W to various QTH's to test it on the air.

The 7QP (7th Call Area QSO Party) and the WPX CW were activated from a beach house in Washington State. Other activities in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah at Snowbird Ski Resort, high above Salt Lake City. Both locations, one with the coveted saltwater "magic" advantage, the other with very challenging high-mountain peaks all around the QTH.


Bands weren’t great, okay they were pretty horrible, but a lot of fun was had with callers from all over the world. In the recordings below you can hear a fun opening which is very late in the evening near Seattle, on 20-40M. The background DX in the audio files are just a good to show the depth of DX clearly heard from this far away QTH of the Pacific Northwest.

Here below is a sampling of a few DX stations worked by KQ7W (operated by Jon, KL2A), he writes, "please excuse the LID'ery, it was freezing at night. I was wrapped in a sleeping bag, just the fingers out for the CW paddle, with only the light from the laptop, radio and the stars! A real good time."



KH7M 20M 


W6/7 mini-regional ”run” 


DX RBN's that reported hearing us all over the world. Remember, this is 50W to a 20' OCF antenna. What do you think of these signals reported from ZL, VK,

7th Call Area QSO Party

7QP Ski Bag to Beach House Portable: Puget Sound, Washington State


*portability is a bonus (antenna weighs only 20 lbs total) engineered for permanent install by default.

Recorded Live using 20' DX Flagpole and 50W during 7QP 7th Call Area QSO Party


*This recording was captured mid-day on 20M from North of Seattle, Washington. In this few minutes segment, we work into Florida, California, Alaska, New England, and the mid-west too.

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Ham Radio is fun again.

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Sep 21, 2023

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