All bands, really? - Yes, low losses on 11 bands, if you count 160!

**Q. All bands, really? **(Yes, low losses on 11 bands too, if you count 160!)

A. Yes, 10 ham radio bands (MARS and Commercial sector bands too!) one little hole in the ground and ALL of our OCF antennas operate with an ATU at the base, as described, with good SWR across 80 to 6M. They are real DX antennas! Remember, it's the antenna system that makes this antenna work and the same applies for 160. It's a short antenna for 160 and will work if your tuner will take it there. We like to see our advantages on 80-6M and thus only advertise the performance measures on 10 bands.

Plan to try this on 160M? Let us know how it goes... we've heard stories of mobile antennas working real DX on Top Band. Remember the famous W7 who worked 160M from his Mobile regularly?

2019 Update:

We fired up a 20' flagpole antenna with 50W on 1.8 MHz. We worked during summer conditions all over the mountain west. We know it's only 20' and stand firm "it is worth a try!" Coastal guys likely will work EU at some point in the fall with one.

*Remember the W4 working EU on 80M the same signal report as the guys with wires at 50' - with his 20'er - it happened this spring!