All bands, really? Yes, 160-6M including the WARC bands

All bands, really? Yes, 160-6M including WARC Bands too!

Low loss and high performance on 11 bands, 1.8 MHz to 50 MHz including WARC Bands.

We have ham radio operators reporting 160-6M on our 16' Greyline DX Antennas. That's 11 ham radio bands. Have you read through our Customer Reviews and Blog sections? Many adventure stories and station pictures available there.

This is a very real antenna. Why mess with less than desirable when you can work the world minutes after installation? "Worked 30 countries within hours after installation on FT8" seems to be a normal reaction. Don't take our word for it, check our Customer Reviews to read this in their words. Far too many reports to be anything but accurate reporting.

Real DX antennas with real DX performance, out of the box. No tuning or pruning needed. Remember, it's the antenna system that makes this antenna work.

Plan to try this on 160M? Let us know how it goes... we've heard stories of mobile antennas working real DX on Top Band. Remember the famous W7 who worked 160M from his Mobile regularly?

2020 Update:
16' DX Flagpole in HOA works 160-6M. See our Customer Review section for stories and pictures.
KL2A traveled to Washington DC to set up a 28' DX Vertical and worked Europe with 100W on 160M
Consistent reports of "worked all continents" or "worked 60 countries in a weekend" (see our Customer Reviews FAQ)

Wortd Radio Team Championship (Team USA members) ops chime
AA4NC compares the 24' DX Flagpole to his 50' loop and remains impressed with the results
NN3W compares the 28' DX Vertical to his loop at 75' on 40M with favorable results. "this thing really works!"

2019 Update:
We fired up a 20' flagpole antenna with 50W on 1.8 MHz. We worked during summer conditions all over the mountain west. We know it's only 20' and stand firm "it is worth a try!" Coastal guys likely will work EU at some point in the fall with one.

*Remember the W4 working EU on 80M the same signal report as the guys with wires at 50' - with his 20'er - it happened this spring!

Oct 24, 2020