Will this work on the CB band?

Will Greyline Antennas be effective for use on the CB band?

YES, is the short answer.

The CB band segment lives at 11M or 27 MHz. As Greyline offers HF vertical antennas and Flagpole Antennas to the Ham Radio operator demographic that widely uses adjacent radio frequencies near the CB band spectrum, it's natural that the Greyline Antennas work on the 11M CB band as well.

Let's look closer... using the universal calculations for 1/2 wave antennas 468/frequency (27.5 MHz) = 17 feet.

So, knowing this, the 16' or 20' Greyline CB HF Vertical Dipole and CB Flagpole Antenna both will provide Real DX and regional attributes for the CB operator looking for something smarter, stronger, and more elegant. Perfect for the HOA CB radio operator.

As with all of our antenna offerings, we urge you to consider adding an ATU (automatic or manual antenna tuner) at the base of your CB antenna or in the CB radio shack. Also, always use high-quality feed lines such as LMR 400 and quality components to match the intended high-quality of the Greyline Antenna System.

Remember, have fun!


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Greyline Performance Antennas are Popular with Ham Radio, CB, Preppers, and DX'ers alike. The digital modes are a natural fit with the often low noise and low power requirements as well as those commercial industries that need a rapid frequency hopping (ALE) attribute. We are proud to serve Ham Radio, Survival Prep, and Emergency Communications Agencies.

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