Are 43-foot verticals with radials better?

Bigger is not better. Look at this...

A. Bigger is not necessarily better! In this case, our DX Flagpole Antenna is less than half that height, 

does NOT need radials

 where the 43-foot vertical option does! Also, the OCF antennas enjoy a lower angle of radiation on many bands. (see graphic) 

There's more... HOA's and CC&R's do not typically allow the 43' version but the 20' height is typically under most HOAs around the USA.Now, look at the low bands! The DX Flagpole Antenna really shines compared to the radial dependent antennas, and yes, even the 43-foot vertical.

How would you like to get back on the air? Now you can have higher performance on all bands with a DX Flagpole that's also a stealth 80-6M antenna! Let's get you on the air with confidence! You'll sound amazing.

Oct 24, 2020