How does Greyline compare to the 43-foot vertical antenna with radials?

Bigger is not necessarily better. Look at this radiation pattern graphic:

This graphic compares the Greyline OCF Vertical Dipoles (20' and 28' Flagpole Antenna) requiring No Radials by Greyline versus the very popular 43' Vertical Antenna with 20 radials. The colored bands draw the gain and angle roughly for your reference.

Red is 80M
Blue is 40M
Green is 20M
Yellow is 15M

This 43-footer looks good on 40M and 20M with a nice low angle for 20M and a solid punch of gain too. The 40M plot looks like it will work DX too but takes quite a hit compared to the other graphs. Notice the behavior on 15M in yellow. This longer antenna acts for 15M acts as a beverage antenna as it's far too long for 15M and tends to be directional straight up, off the end of the antenna rather than the 360 vertical patterns we'd expect from a vertical antenna. Suppose for communicating with space satellites this could be advantageous? 80M does leave some gain to be desired with quite a drop-down from 40M. Again, to be fair, likely adding more radials can bring this out but surely 100+ radials to detect any real gain. We are well aware of the vertical purists and the differing opinions on this topic. Many of these experts call for a certain number of radials and formulas to test and cut and test again that just maybe helps you arrive at some magic number of radials. Are you up to that? At Greyline, we have fancy software to help find these specifics but to focus on being a useful service let's just point to the fact that with radials, more is better. If you want to find the exact number, have at it and please do, have fun!

Remember folks, we are comparing here a 20' tall, 28' tall, and 43' tall verticals side by side over the same theoretical ground. These are not Yagi beams at 80 feet up a tower.

As for the Greyline Verticals, look at the grouping on 80, 40, and 20M (20-foot and 28-foot) versus the 43-foot vertical antenna once again. The Greyline vertical antennas are modeled to perform well across all bands rather than maximizing performance for one specific frequency band. Yes, the length matters. We want to work 160-6M, right?

This is assisted by an elevated feed point, a different style of antenna that does not require radials, traps or stubs to match the antenna to a given band and therefore offers a different radiation pattern to  Greyline Performance Flagpole and HF Vertical Dipole owners. After all the homework is done, we see a pleasing set of gains on all bands considering the various heights of the antenna being used.

Note the lower angle of radiation with the Greyline Flagpole Antenna and HF Verticals. Also, the punch or depth of gains seen on the various bands is rather fluid in a nice grouping of angle and gain performance measures.

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