How does the Flagpole Antenna compare to other well-known antennas?

Let's compare Greyline Performance Vertical Dipole Antennas (Flagpole Antennas, too) with other legacy brands

Below, the graph illustrates the performance plots for DX Flagpole Antenna, 20' and 28' versions with the
Hy-gain AV-680 and Cushcraft R9:

80M Red lines
40M Blue
20M Green
10M Orange

Look at the low angle in the OCFs and that extra punch. Yep, no radials needed!.


  • "Real DX 160-6M at my HOA"
  • "4 Band DXCC in 3-months at my HOA."
  • "So pretty my XYL approves!"
  • "If I can hear it, I can work it."

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Smarter, Stronger, and more Elegant than any other all-band option!

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