The Benefits of Greyline Antennas: 'Smart, Rugged, Elegant' Antenna Design

The Greyline DX Vertical Antenna Benefits:

  • HOA Approved
  • XYL Approved + neighborhood compliments of envy too
  • No Radials needed to achieve the high-performance RX Sensitivity and TX tPerformance> Real DX requires you hear it, to work it.
  • Premium-only materials Custom made in Idaho, USA.
  • Designed Strong, Smart, & Elegant! Many report their XYL's allow these beautiful antennas in the garden.
  • All frequencies from 160-6M including all WARC, MARS, Citizen Band, and other useful service band segments
  • 160M operation with our 16'-20'-24'-28' vertical antennas. See our reviews for "in their words".
  • High-Power Standard (1500W), McMaster Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Smart Design, Rugged Materials & Engineering: 80-150 MPH wind rating
  • Best in Class Verticals are 'as good or better' than any legacy brands you'll find on the market today
  • ARRL Antenna Award Winning Designer(s) create our antennas.
  • >90% efficiency and better across all bands
  • Very Low Losses owing to the feed system forcing the power out of the antenna. Helps both NVIS and DX efficiency.
  • Lower Angles than ground-mounted verticals without laying ground radials. Helps both NVIS and DX take-off angles
  • Low Noise too! See the reviewer's notes. Add a 2nd Choke at the radio or amp to remove stray noise (QRN) along the coax back to the shack. Every dB counts, right?
  • Available sizes 12', 16', 20', 24' and 28' foot Flagpole Antennas & DX Verticals
  • Easy Install: Dig a post hole, build antenna (1-hour), drop-in (15-20-lbs), plug-in, play radio. Works
  • Free Shipping in the USA + Deep discounts Worldwide (50% off)
  • Shipping time: See our Order-Status Page for transparent updates
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee We want you happy
  • Industry-Leading 4-year Warranty
  • COVID Promo is ~$200 in value. You're welcome. Free Shipping, Feed + Flag Kit, & RF Choke included in the Antenna purchase price

Ham Radio is fun again! Pass it on to your friends and family. They will be so glad you did.

See you on the radio bands...

73 Greyline Performance

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Nov 23, 2020