How-to prepare the Antenna Site: Greyline DX Flagpole + DX Vertical Antenna System

Some have asked for a basic introduction to the installation process. We've covered How to Choose a Tuner and How to Choose the proper Antenna for your needs.

Everything but the fence post-hole shovel and coax to your shack is included in the antenna system package.

When the order is made, digital copies of the Manual, Parts List, and Antenna System Configuration documents are emailed to you. When the antenna arrives, inside you will find the Quality Control sheet listing each part in order of assembly. This makes things easy as well. Again, that's one-sheet, each part is listed and presented in the order of which it should be built.

Let's get into how to prepare your antenna site for the Greyline DX Vertical and DX Flagpole Antenna.

By now you have an idea where you wish to install the antenna system. You can only work with your QTH property lines, most likely, right? When you locate the spot to plant your vertical, you'll need a fence post shovel to dig a 3-feet deep fence-post hole for the 12-24' and a 4' deep hole for the 28-foot antenna. These are typically 8-12" in diameter from what our customers tell us.

Note: some folks may find their ground is unreasonably difficult to dig and 2' and 3' respectively can be used without too much fuss from our engineer. Please try to use the dimensions and advice we advise.

The antennas are strong but also light enough to handle and build for one single person, alone if you wish. One customer completed the process from his wheelchair with no other help!

Weight and dimensions are:

23 lbs for the 20-foot and 30 lbs for the 28-foot.

Many will find incorporating a Sonotube within the hole is helpful for a clean worksite. This is a mesh sleeve that can be inserted into your ground hole to serve as a mold for your concrete pour within the hole. These are $10-15 at your hardware store.

For ideas and visuals on how others are doing it... You can see several installations on our YouTube page and in the Customers Tab here in the FAQs.

For the Remote Tuner support, we ask that you install this as closely as possible to the Antenna System and elevate the final location of the remote tuner at least 6-inches off the ground. It is part of the antenna after all.

Many have installed this tuning unit within 1-2 feet from the antenna. Please use a non-conductive support such as PVC, wood, or rock. Other useful scenarios we've seen are internal to hollow rocks, flipped over buckets with a shelf keeping the tuner off the ground, inside a bush or floral arrangement, birdbaths, simply attached to a PVC pipe, and so on.

Some have reported having a second DX Flagpole for portable use. In these cases, some have secured the antenna to patios, hotel decks, RV camper wheels, picnic tables, and other portable and quick-deploy scenarios.

This antenna system is extremely rugged yet elegant in appearance with its clean lines and high quality finished materials. Being lightweight enough to assemble and disassemble rapidly, it does make for a quick deploy, portable radio station good for all bands as easily as a rugged and permanent all-band HF to VHF antenna system. See our Ski Bag portable story as one example.

What will you do with your Greyline DX Antenna? See what others have done in our BLOG and FAQ sections, and let us know your thoughts. It is our pleasure and honor to serve you in this way.

Ham Radio is fun again!  Pass it on.

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