Easy Install, Portable, Quick-Deploy, or Permanent Install

You say Easy Install, Portable, and Quick-Deploy, can this also work as a permanent installation?

Yes, permanent quality is the idea for most of our customers. We designed the Greyline DX Flagpole Antenna to be permanently installed as delivered, out of the box. This is common amongst HOA and restricted space radio operators as well as emergency communication services and disaster preparedness agencies who find this 'ground sleeve' method attractive. Therefore, we offer an easy drop-in and lift-out for those desiring this quick and easy removal before the arrival of stormy weather, for instance. That said, many choose concrete or "beefy" mounts, and tilt-up options, and those are great too. Your choice.

Most use our default ground sleeve system with quikrete-concrete, of course. See our Installation section for more on these topics.

Remember,  the configuration of your Antenna system should look like this:

It's a pleasure to serve you. Looking forward to hearing you on the air soon!

Ham Radio is fun again!

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