I have trees, how close to the trees can we place the antenna?

How close can I install the Flagpole & Vertical Antenna to my home and trees on my property?

The common knowledge on this is to install at least 3' away from the tree trunks and 3' away from the side of structures, including homes, buildings, etc.

The Science says:
We see sensitive equipment test results show 7-15' away from a structure as the starting point to be fully "in the clear" when tested along the side of entire walls of homes using metal siding! So, if your home is not made of metal siding, which most of us are in the clear on this, 3' or more away is great. To be safe, if possible, we think a minimum of 7 feet is definitely far enough away but again some are forced to be right up on the eave or wall and our customers in this category are happily working Real DX too. After all, you can only plant the antenna where you are allowed. It will work great for you in any of the above scenarios.

With Greyline Antennas being free-standing and No Radial needed plus the use of an ATU in the system, the antenna is not as fussy or picky as one might have previously believed, it will work as indicated. We think a little breathing room is a good rule of thumb for antenna distances from structures. Free space is best so take advantage of this if you can.

Pro Tip: "QRN"
KL2A tells us with experience in his HOA that the closer you get to a home or building it does seem to offer some level, even if ever so slight, QRN from modern electronic devices creating noise within your home or an adjacent home. This can make a difference in everyday radio activities in simply hearing the weak signals, or not. Before choosing your install location, consider walking around the property with a battery-powered AM radio and note the noisiest and quietest location around your property. Plant your antenna as close as possible to the quiet area. Again, you can only plant it where you are allowed. (HOA or XYL peacekeeping mission applied here). You'll be glad you read this paragraph later.

See our Blog post on further Install Locations, here:

Warning: We've had radio ops order this for the backyard, commence to dig a hole, and pour the concrete and then the wife says, "Honey, that looks good enough for the front yard." You'd end up moving it to the front yard. Guaranteed that Ham Radio is fun again!

"So pretty she let me install it in the garden!"

Have you ever heard anyone (your XYL or family!) say this about a ham radio antenna before? We think not. You're welcome!


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Favorite Customer quotes:

  • It's so pretty my XYL asked me to install it in the front yard. Imagine that. The front yard! Note: This is after he installed it in the back yard :-)
  • 4 Band DXCC this summer from my HOA
  • Holds its own vs. my taller antennas and with no radials. It is also stealthy.
  • I got my DXCC in the 80s using a vertical dipole and wanted to try again from my new home in an HOA
  • Since I added the Greyline DX Flagpole vertical antenna, I have added over 200 additions to my DXCC Challenge account. I am now right at 900 and hope to complete it in the next few months.
  • 30W and a couple of hours, I worked the entire planet on FT8
  • My wife appreciates the compliments from the neighbors, and it reminds her of her Father's Flagpole. Thank you.
  • If I can hear it, I can work it. It hears very well.
  • Highly Recommended for HOA and CC&R Restricted Ham Radio QTHs.
  • So pretty my DX Flagpole Antenna is allowed in my wife’s garden. In the GARDEN!
  • Clean Sweep in November Sweepstakes with my DX Flagpole. Note: That's the entire list of USA sections; amazing.
  • Got Indonesia (YB) this morning on 40m SSB with 100 watts. Just over 9,000 miles!
  • 60M Band: The other night I was on 60M and it felt just like the old days, running JA’s from Chicago in the CQWW CW with a 4-1000 Amplifier to a Quad at 80 feet.
  • 80M Band: Got Mauritania, Dodecanese, Israel, and Cypress on 80 meters and 4 bands and 3 modes for VP6R on Pitcairn. First Pitcairn since 10 Meter AM contact in the 1960s.
  • Designed Smarter, Stronger, and with Aesthetic Elegance.
  • So so many FT8 stations worldwide.
  • If I can hear it, I can work it and this antenna hears well.

The past several years have been full of learning experiences and we remain grateful to assist hundreds of happy radio ops to experience the hobby on the bands with us. The bands are hot, join us.

We are honored to serve you, our peers. We are delighted to play a small role in your enjoyment of short-wave HF radio and we do hope that we inspire you to get on the air with Real DX confidence.


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We also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you aren't happy with your purchase, send it back for a full refund. We know circumstances change. We want you happy.

One Customer Used our Warranty offer saying, "It Works & Greyline Warranty Is For Real - de AA5DV"
Just wanted you to know --- Greyline replaced my Vertical Antenna --- No Questions asked!"

Greyline Performance Antennas are Popular with Ham Radio, CB, Preppers, and DX'ers alike. The digital modes are a natural fit with the often low noise and low power requirements as well as those commercial industries that need a rapid frequency hopping (ALE) attribute. We are proud to serve Ham Radio, Survival Prep, and Emergency Communications Agencies.

We enjoy talking radio!
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Ham Radio is fun again! Pass it on...

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