Does it come with a flag kit?

When you order a Greyline Flagpole Antenna, indeed this includes the flagkit. When you order a Greyline DX Vertical, this would not include a flag kit.

You can purchase a Flag kit from us that includes everything you need for your Greyline DX Antenna to become a Flagpole Antenna. We follow Federal Statutes for Flagpoles, therefore it is a bonafide Flagpole. (and wow, look at the wind ratings!)

Your Flag Kit package includes a cleat and pulley (truck), a US Flag and Lanyard (rope) when you order the DX Flagpole. The Flag kit Installation is simple and easy. As always, Made in USA components.

Note: The top of the Truck will take a common thread finial ornament of your choice. Some do, some don't. You can find a large selection of finials on Amazon, of course.

Ham Radio is fun again!

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