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First, we are hams too and understand clearly that you want to get on the air, yesterday! It's antenna season, right?

We do our best to anticipate the demand for Greyline Antennas and we are always building antennas. Getting pretty good at it too, some have said. In any case, typically we are stocked shelves with antennas and sometimes we are working overtime to build antennas to catch up with demand.

See our Order-Status page for more up-to-date status announcements or write to us for a quick reply.

For your consideration, thank you:

Please know, with high-end, custom-build antenna systems that demand various premium parts and materials from specialty suppliers, this process can take time, at times. Our amazing partners are ham-radio-owned small businesses and they are keenly aware of our collective desire to "hurry it up" you can be sure. We've learned a lot in the few years and are enjoying a streamlined process that is improving with each batch of antennas we produce. We know you will see the difference in quality when you open your box from Greyline Performance.

For now, we thank you for your patience while we build your antenna system. It's an honor to serve you.


  • "Real DX 160-6M at my HOA"
  • "4 Band DXCC in 3-months at my HOA."
  • "So pretty my XYL approves!"
  • "If I can hear it, I can work it."

+ See customer install pics and Real DX stories

+ The Benefits of Greyline Performance Antennas

Smarter, Stronger, and more Elegant than any other all-band option! So pretty even XYL's approve.

Let's get you and your friends back on the air.

Ham Radio is fun again! Pass it on.

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