Where's the rest of my order?

See our Order Status Page: https://greylineperformance.com/pages/order-status-updates-for-greyline-performance

We strive to have stock on hand and shipping to you our customer on the same to the next day after a purchase has been made. This is not always the case and we do ask as a rule for the 1-3 weeks for the processing time for instance if we are awaiting the next batch of antennas to be completed. Again, we do our best to minimize these waits, if any might occur.

We make a habit now of shipping all but the Remote Tuners in with the Antenna shipment. That said, sometimes we elect to ship items separately as was seen during the great bottleneck of 2020. We are always talking with customers to determine what is best during a specific time. The main goal, to get you (and our peers that may also be in line) on the air as quickly as we can.

To say this a different way, we may ship in more than one shipment that may arrive at your address all on the same day or over a few days. In some cases, we might send out the antenna first for those wanting to get the groundwork completed as might be considered more urgent for the Northern customers before the winter freeze. In other cases, we might find we're awaiting a certain element so we'll ship the rest to get your project moving.

As always, watch the Status Pages and any tracking alerts. Text and email alerts are auto-sent to your email or phone number listed on your account as tracking is acquired from our team.

If you do not have a tracking number, we have likely not collected your payment. We prefer to ship and collect payment at the same time.
If you have paid but do not see a tracking number, it's likely your project is custom or is to be painted. This would add a delay to the fulfillment timeline.
If none of this is the case, please contact us, we'll gladly look into this for you.

Our goal is to have you on the air as quickly as possible.

*Remember, this is an Amateur Radio Supply Chain and our parts are typically hand-made, and this can take time. We respect and stand by our suppliers who run Ham-owned small businesses in many cases. They also may rely on our collective business for their families therefore they too are keenly aware of the timelines and do their very best to serve us all. Thanks for your patience and the honor to serve you.

Ham Radio is fun again!

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