Let's learn: RF Chokes, RFI Suppression, and Lower Noise (QRN)

Let's learn about RFI Suppression and RF Choking to better help you understand and thus choose which direction you might wish to go in regards to RFI and RF Choking at your shack. Those who find noise and eliminate it will hear stations further away sooner than the guy who doesn't. The RX Noise level drops dramatically in many cases for those who pay attention to RFI and RF Choking. If you can't hear them, you can't work them.

References worth your time:
W6NBC on The Basics of Why we need a Balun
K9YC RFI Cookbook (Roll your own RF Choke) - well respected RF technologist
W8JI Toroid Chokes and Baluns - RF Guru with reams of data online to learn from
W8JI Receiving Noise Mitigation - if you can't hear them, you can't work them!
W8JI RFI in the Shack - Find that noise and eliminate it

At our Greyline website, we offer easier, plug n play offerings, plus a more DIY approach offering with the parts you will need in the RF Choke section under (Add-Ons). Choose various methods from Plug n Play ready made boxes or roll your own with Snap On Beads and Toroid Cores for your RFI suppression.

Pro Tip: When making your own RF Chokes, note our Mini and Maxi Chokers are targeting 500-5000 Ohms of impedance and up to 38dB of suppression. By winding your own power or feed line cables around a Toroid Core you can reasonably expect to construct a world class choke with respectable suppression levels starting at 12-17 turns on HF.

Will you share your findings with us? Many Greyline customers would like to know. Email us a picture, please. Thank you!

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  • Very Low Losses owing to the feed system forcing the power out of the antenna. Helps both NVIS and DX efficiency.
  • Lower Angles than ground-mounted verticals without laying ground radials. Helps both NVIS and DX take-off angles
  • Low Noise too! See the reviewer's notes. Add a 2nd Choke at the radio or amp to remove stray noise (QRN) along the coax back to the shack. Every dB counts, right?
  • Available sizes 12', 16', 20', 24' and 28' foot Flagpole Antennas & DX Verticals
  • Easy Install: Dig a post hole, build antenna (1-hour), drop-in (15-35 lbs), plug-in, play radio.
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Ham Radio is fun again! Pass it on to your friends and family. They will be so glad you did.

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