K7CWC, Cliff from Washington (W7) is spotted around the World on his 24' DX Flagpole

"I’ve made contacts from my Western Washington location to both European and far East stations using different bands!"

CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Cliff near Seattle spotted worldwide!


Note: The spots noting "hrs" or "mins" are those stations reporting hearing Cliff.

Reference: www.pskreporter.info/pskmap.html - enter his call, your call, any callsign. It will also show signal strengths received for your entered station too.

By K7CWC, Cliff:

I ordered the Greyline 24-foot DX flagpole Antenna plus LDG RT-600 Remote Antenna Tuner Bundle. The order was processed on the Greyline Webpage. I received an order confirmation and links to the system documentation.

Greyline isn’t Amazon, so it did take somewhat longer to receive my antenna and related equipment than I’d have preferred. When the antenna was ready for shipment, I received an E-Mail with tracking information. Within a few days, I was able to track the antenna on the UPS site. The antenna arrived in good order. The feed and flag components arrived on a separate shipment, as did the remote tuner.