KJ7CWQ 16' DX Flagpole and SGC-237 easily works 160-6M (install pictures)

"160-6M with the 16' DX Flagpole and SGC-237 Remote Tuner! Excellent solution for HOA community ham radio operation."


Pictured: Greyline Performance 16' DX Flagpole and SGC-237 Remote Tuner.

Pictured: SGC-237 Remote Tuner and Greyline RF Choke elevated ready for stealth addition and weather-proofing.

This 16’ flagpole antenna is of very good quality and was easy to assemble. I chose to do a concrete foundation and when that was done it was up in no time. Propagation has not been good, but I have made contacts on 40 meters to the Pacific Northwest with my longest to Hawaii (I live near Phoenix, AZ). I am looking forward to better performance when the bands open this winter.