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"Best headphones, headsets for Ham Radio operators?"

Recently we spotted a thread by well-respected Amateur Radio operators discussing the best headphones for Ham Radio. Some consider SSB use which may offer a boom microphone, some without microphones, and others with noise cancelling attributes and comfort considerations. Here are a few good options with dialogue attached for further context. Remember, sometimes we sit for hours tuning in that DX station or passing valuable traffic. We want comfort and quality, right?

Each of these operators that make a recommendation below are of high regard across the Ham Radio community. We'd be wise to consider their advice as a starting point.  73 Greyline


The Owner, Scott W4PA is a long-time ham radio super-star operator in contests and has dedicated years of his life, giving back as Amateur Radio shop owner. Worth a look! 73 KL2A

I recommend the Inrad headset/boom mike combination available from Scott, W4PA, who also owns Vibroplex. These are much lighter in weight and without the ear/head-crushing spring of the Heil headsets.  They are at least a little cheaper than Heils and are far more comfortable.  If you are primarily a phone op, you may find that the boom for the mike is not tight enough to keep the mike near your mouth.  I find myself holding the mike sometimes.  Also, the earpieces are beginning to show signs of wear after a few year's heavy use.  But, even if they wear out and I have to purchase a new pair, I'd accept the extra expense for the comfort they offer, particularly in contests when I wear them for hours on end.  If you work no SSB at all, you may find another lightweight headset without a mike that would work for you.  But, in spite of my preference for CW, I do put in a lot of hours in SSB contests.  And I hope to never have to go back to using regularly a hand mike or a desk mike.  73, John, K4BAI


Often available on eBay for about $100
Beware:   Byerdynamics makes several other headphones with similar model numbers but they're not the same... The "DT 770 M 80 ohm" is the exact model you want, no other similar model

I like my Byerdynamics DT 770 M 80 ohm headphones so much I bought ten of them...

73 Frank W3LPL


I'm using, and recommend RS-20 cans from RadioSport

Vic  K9UIY


I have used active noise-canceling headphones (Sony), studio monitors, and I keep coming back to my Yamaha CM-500s. They are comfortable, lightweight, have a mic (rarely used), and are inexpensive relative to others mentioned.

Rob K6RB


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